About me

My father was a Brigadier in The South African Police Service and I served in the South African army (I am very proud of becoming Second Lieutenant within the first two years). I later came to the UK to set up my first business. Security and prevention have, therefore, been a part of my daily life since childhood.

As I set up a successful Business IT Support company, I became aware of the number of threats businesses faced; not just from direct hacks, but also from different forms of eCrime which, very often, rely on the lack of staff training and CyberAwareness to succeed. It became obvious that:

Commercial antivirus is no longer enough!

Threats are coming at us from multiple directions, our approach to safety, therefore, must be a Complete Security Service.
With that in mind, at Westtek we have a layered approach. At it's core, is Security Everywhere: our "intelligent" (in the AI sense) answer to antivirus software shortcomings. But it is education and the increase in CyberAwareness of every individual that is at the heart of the solution to the threats we all face.

That is why it has become my mission to educate and protect as many people as possible.

Think it can't happen to you?

Watch my video explaining the Internet Of Things!

So, why should you have a talk on Cybersecurity?

Because in 2019, eCrime by far outstripped all other forms of crime both in terms of volume and cost. It is a real and very serious threat. And, it is worth mentioning, one that affects businesses more than each of us as individuals.

There is a very big “BUT” here though …

While Cybersecurity companies such as mine can protect your devices as much as possible, we cannot stop individuals from revealing too much about themselves and making it possible for clever hackers to “guess” passwords or trick them into believing they are communicating with a boss, when they are in fact communicating with a criminal.

The threat each of us causes to businesses, is precisely why Cybersecurity must be talked about. A lot. And often!

Cyberawareness depends on it.

Am I making too much of this? Watch this video to know just how easy it can be to jeopardise your security: London Met Police

Until adopting the right behaviours to protect ourselves and the companies we work for or own becomes second nature to every one of us (and our family members also, preferably) we must continue to hear and learn both from other’s mistakes and from experts such as myself who know of the very latest ploys hackers use to get access to your data.

Why me?

I am a natural storyteller. I am deeply passionate about these issues!

Plus, and as someone who has always been more about action than sitting down and taking notes, my talks are always packed with activities and, dare I say it, fun (sprinkled with a bit of healthy fear of course!).

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