But by far the biggest threat to businesses, now comes from Social Engineering scams!

That is why it is my mission to EDUCATE and PROTECT over 1 Million people ON and FROM CyberSecurity Threats by 2025.

Hi, I’m Francis West

Your business is reliant on technology. I’m on a mission to secure and protect your systems and operations from jeopardy.

With a father who served as a Brigadier in The South African Police Service, I grew up valuing the importance of security and protection. I went on to serve in the South African army, before moving to the UK and setting up a successful IT support company. These career choices may seem diverse, but in both, my role is to minimise the risk of destruction, damage and unnecessary costs.

Commercial antivirus is no longer enough!

The challenge with defending against cyber threats is that they are hidden. Most people are oblivious to the extent and impact of attacks that impair organisations every day. Drawing on over three decades in the IT industry, my role is to educate business owners. Then, I can provide tailored solutions to minimise the risks.

The SMEs I work with don’t need to worry about hacking and security breaches. They know that I thrive on resolving the constant challenges that cyber protection demands. They trust that I am a safe pair of hands in the cyber world.

The First Step to Cyber Security is a Talk!

The 2022 Cyber Defense Report identified that 81.4% of UK businesses experienced a cyber attack in 2021. 53% were malicious, whilst 25% were the result of human error. Together, we can eradicate 25% risk simply by informing and educating your team.

With an understanding of the many techniques used by cyber-criminals to covertly gain access to systems, your team will value the importance of routine security. Changing their thoughts and behaviours when working online is a highly effective way to reduce risk.

Am I making too much of this? This video illustrates just how easy it is to jeopardise security: London Met Police

Once informed, your team can apply cyber awareness at home too – the more routine the right behaviours become, the harder it is for cyber-criminals to get where they don’t belong.

As the Cyber Security National Lead for the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) and a mentor for CompTIA, I am constantly updating my knowledge. You can be sure that the information I share is current and relevant to UK-based SMEs.

Think it can’t happen to you?

Watch my video explaining the Internet of Things!

So, why should you have a talk on Cybersecurity?

Because in 2019, eCrime by far outstripped all other forms of crime both in terms of volume and cost. It is a real and very serious threat. And, it is worth mentioning, one that affects businesses more than each of us as individuals.

There is a very big “BUT” here though …

While Cybersecurity companies such as mine can protect your devices as much as possible, we cannot stop individuals from revealing too much about themselves and making it possible for clever hackers to “guess” passwords or trick them into believing they are communicating with a boss, when they are in fact communicating with a criminal.

The threat each of us causes to businesses, is precisely why Cybersecurity must be talked about. A lot. And often!

Cyberawareness depends on it.

Until adopting the right behaviours to protect ourselves and the companies we work for or own becomes second nature to every one of us (and our family members also, preferably) we must continue to hear and learn both from other’s mistakes and from experts such as myself who know of the very latest ploys hackers use to get access to your data.

Why Me?

I am a natural storyteller. I am deeply passionate about these issues!

You won’t find someone more motivated to educate on cyber protection than me! I enjoy bringing what could be a dry subject to life. Expect a talk filled with activities and actions that can be immediately implemented.

Plus, and as someone who has always been more about action than sitting down and taking notes, my talks are always packed with activities and, dare I say it, fun (sprinkled with a bit of healthy fear of course!).

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